A digital stethoscope (EkoCore)


This device’s adapter is linked with the e-cloud storage. The heartbeat data is gathered in one place for analysis. You can say that listening to heartbeat and detection of deviations is a real art.

The sounds of heartbeat can also be recorded on the smartphone. A special app analyses the sound of the heart and compares it with the previous record that is stored in the cloud.

This way doctors can detect changes, such as heart noises and other anomalies; based on this, they can work out what the problem is and attempt to solve it. In the present moment, scientists, headed by Doctor John Chorba, test EkoCore in the Californian University’s of San-Francisco laboratory. Dr. Chorba is a cardiologist and a consultant of the team of the inventors, who came up with EkoCore.

In case of success, the quantity of medical errors during stating the diagnosis will significantly decline, which in turn will allow the decline of the patients’ spending on costly test, such as Echocardiography.