A unique invention: Robot Cook, who will make any of your favourite dishes.


Finally, after a hard day, there is no need to go to the kitchen right away! From now on, we can have a wonderful helper – robot cook, who can make any dish. While there are many people, who really like cooking and don’t have to be forced into the kitchen, the majority of us do not look forward to cooking after a long and hard day. That is why many would rather order food. But this is expensive and also such kind of food can be unhealthy. Super unbelievable futuristic solution for this problem is already near: British company “Molly’s Robotics” has recently proposed a prototype of the cook robot on the Hannover fair of technology in Germany. Robotized cook is constructed of two quite mobile arms, that are supposed to be installed on the kitchen’s ceiling. The complex device can record human’s actions is 3D, and then mimic those.  Tim Anderson, a chef, gas already taught the prototype to cook in his studio. The company hopes to release commercially accessible version of the robot in 2017. During the presentation the principle of software and recipes library has been shown. Additionally, remotely controlled version of the robot is planned, which will be controlled by a special app, so the dinner can not only be getting prepared while you are sitting on the coach, but also while you are still at work. Installed cameras suppose the opportunity of the engrobot learning user’s moves in the process of cooking, therefore it is possible to upload your own recipes in the system. Unfortunately, this kind of technology is quite expensive: the robot costs about 15,000$! Probably, it is worth it.